Football Banners: Benefits and Effectiveness

The Football game is also known as “group football or soccer” which involves two different teams of eleven players from each side. This game is played with all body parts excluding the hands and arms, but only the goalkeepers can hold the ball.

Football can be played with either a big or small ball which the players use their foot to maneuver to the opposing team. It is also a game that can be played by male, female, adult and teenagers of all ages. It is also known to be a game that requires fully trained and competent players, and it has been seen as having more supporters than other sporting activities.

The Football game is also an example of cultural activities such as pictures, dialects and ideas that grants people the chance to identify them, be part of the game and to relate with others. Therefore football gives a rich source of multimodal examples of social and cultural identifications. It is also a way of creating and showing identity, forming a relationship and marking out the difference from other groups.

Football Banners

Football banners initially exhibit considerable visual and textual artistry, but the third context might be far to be described. Custom football banners are created to be shown in a specific location at a particular period and event, but all are important. Banners are usually held, lifted or waved by supporters, so it is also essential to consider the people that carry the banners during the event. (more…)