The Best School Banners for College Fairs

College fairs are one of the ways to market your university to potential students as well as to the general public. But these fairs are usually clamoured and busy with a mass amount of individuals trying to find the university good for them or one’s son or one’s daughter as they enter the college life. With these people pre-occupied from too many thoughts, attracting their attention to your school’s booth might be a little challenging. It requires careful planning and thoughtful presentation to effectively showcase your academic programs and extra-curricular activities. Eye-catching school banners are a good way to get your audience’s attention. It has the power to make passerby stop and take notice of your exhibit as well as let them know what your university has to offer.

School Banners for College Fairs

There are myriad of ways to showcase your schools at college fairs including the following:

  • Display the logo of your university
  • Direct visitors to your email sign-up list
  • Informational sign with your college’s history
  • List of well-known alumni
  • Images of students and volunteer programs
  • Important dates for enrollment or when classes start
  • Provide list of academic programs offered
  • Announce upcoming activities on campus


Showcase Your Best Messages with Table Top Display

Table top display has become one of the most effective advertising tools to use in any kind of event and marketing campaign. They offer effective and handy solution amongst many other advantages to showcase personal and business information. What makes a table top display an advantageous marketing tool has something to do with its weight and portability. The lightweight aluminium frame that comes with it makes the table top display easy to carry and set up. The weight usually ranges from 2lbs to 8lbs but never heavier than that, that makes it very handy and easy to transport to any kind of event.

Table Top Display

Table top display stand are also easy to assemble and disassemble so it is not time consuming. It wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to have it ready to showcase. Unlike traditional method of displaying, table top display stand features easy to use designs and simple structures that will help you save lots of time and troubles when exhibiting. There is actually no need to use tools when assembling a table top display stand just simply roll the banner starting from the base up to the horizontal structure and supporting it by a vertical pole, you will have your table top banner ready to use in just a few seconds. There is no need to be an expert to set-up your own table top display. (more…)