Football Banners: Benefits and Effectiveness

The Football game is also known as “group football or soccer” which involves two different teams of eleven players from each side. This game is played with all body parts excluding the hands and arms, but only the goalkeepers can hold the ball.

Football can be played with either a big or small ball which the players use their foot to maneuver to the opposing team. It is also a game that can be played by male, female, adult and teenagers of all ages. It is also known to be a game that requires fully trained and competent players, and it has been seen as having more supporters than other sporting activities.

The Football game is also an example of cultural activities such as pictures, dialects and ideas that grants people the chance to identify them, be part of the game and to relate with others. Therefore football gives a rich source of multimodal examples of social and cultural identifications. It is also a way of creating and showing identity, forming a relationship and marking out the difference from other groups.

Football Banners

Football banners initially exhibit considerable visual and textual artistry, but the third context might be far to be described. Custom football banners are created to be shown in a specific location at a particular period and event, but all are important. Banners are usually held, lifted or waved by supporters, so it is also essential to consider the people that carry the banners during the event.

Applications of Soccer Banners

The Banner can be a craft in a double-sided format which is four directional and is used to cheer squads. This format enables all supporters to be able to read all sides of the banner, and most of this banner is seen every week. Let us now consider the primary uses of banners which are:

Inspirational Information

This information is generally four-line rhyming messages that are usually unpredictable. These information boost team strength to be able to beat their opposing team to win.

Demotivational Information

The information on the sport banner is conveyed to annoy opposing fans. Demotivational information particularly prevalent amongst more hated opponent in a game.

Milestone Celebration

It is crucial and standard practice to award a milestone player that is playing for his 50th, 150th and 100th club game by putting his name and images on the banner. In these circumstances, it is evident that such milestone player will lead the team on the banner instead of the captain except if the player is also the captain.

Team event broadcast

One side of the banner can also be used to broadcast an upcoming team day, fairest and award night or to welcome members at the start of a season.

Sponsors Advert

The banners are also useful for advertising team supporters and sponsors. Usually, the sponsor’s name will be written on rubber sheathes where the pole is placed, and the banner will be attached between the rubber and the pole. Therefore the sponsors will pay the team to have their name on the banner.

Health Benefits of Soccer

– Soccer improves aerobic capacity

– Improves muscles and strengthening bones

– Increases muscles tones

– Improves health because of shift between walking and running

Other Benefits includes:

There are various benefits of playing team sport game like football such as:

– Upgrading teamwork

– It provides an opportunity to improve confidence and courage.

– It is also an international game.

– It helps to improve concentrations, persistent and self-discipline skills.

– It is a proper way to relate with others and exercise with friends.

– It also helps to reduce anxiety and fear.

Let also consider what makes up an active banners. Particularly there are no rules and regulations about what makes one banner more effective than others. There is also no guarantee that your information will break through the banners. But, an effective banner is a function of various factors. There are certain qualities that make for effective banners.

Qualities of good banners include:

– Logo

– Banners value

– Pictures and graphic

– Quality Information

– Captivating and communicating


The game of football is a continuous game which makes you to remain fits and to retain cardiovascular health conditions. People of different ages, skill levels, different races and statures can take part in the football game.

Soccer is also a proper sport for teenagers who did not have high level of sports ability but would like to take part in team sport. Football games can also be for enjoyment and celebration which grants many chances for playful uses of dialect in discussions, chants or songs and on the banners. Therefore being a football supporter also gives you the privilege to create and boost a cordial relationship among other groups of people. You can also be part of a community association or society and also to claim a specific identity. Football is an excellent workout and lovely game.